• 13 May, 2018 04:30 PM
  • Bharatiya Cultural Center
  • Bharatiya Temple, 1612 County Line Rd, Chalfont, PA 18914
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Marathi Musical Program -

What is Marathi Astitva?

As Marathi speaking Maharashtrians there always comes a question as to what do we identify ourselves with? Is it our language, that particular region in Maharashtra where we grew up, our culture, our rich heritage? What is it that inculcates the Marathi pride in our viens?

Now take a step back and think for a second - let's say this proud feeling of being a Marathi; takes a human form and if it was to interact with us one-on-one, how do you think that conversation would go?

Wouldn't you like to 
- know its phenomenal journey from its birth all the way through today? 
- to see how it, regardless of the struggles and obstacles, manages to stay relevant in each and every Marathi person's heart?
- to, maybe learn a few things from it that would help the future generations to keep that Marathi pride alive for years to come?   

This very feeling of pride is nothing but 'Marathi Astitva'

Come watch, listen, sense and feel the pride of being a Marathi through the lens of "Marathi Astitva" itself - our own autobiography, our own our "Swatva".

A story of you, me and every Marathi person that ever was and will be; adorned with a unique blend of music, art, audio-visual, sand animation and poetry.

Brought to you by MMA and Grace Entertainment with a team of extremely talented Marathi artists from the US, led by none other than 'Sa Re Ga Ma Pa' fame, ace keyboardist - Satyajit Prabhu

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Bharatiya Cultural Center

Bharatiya Temple, 1612 County Line Rd, Chalfont, PA 18914 More on Venue

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