• 22 September, 2018 11:00 AM
  • Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts
  • 500 Castro St, Mountain View, CA 94041
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NobleMen - Feature Film Competition - BASAFF2018

Director – Vandana Kataria; Cast – Kunal Kapoor, Ali Haji

Synopsis -  The film is a thematic representation of “The Merchant of Venice. It is winter in a prestigious all boys’ boarding school, where children continue to practice age-old rituals and codes bound by years of hierarchy of the popular norm. Shay is picked at constantly, the main perpetrators being Arjun, the tall athletic sports captain and his best friend Baadal. Shay and Pia; the spunky daughter of the new Junior School history teacher, are cast as Bassanio and Portia in the Founders Day production of Merchant of Venice. But Baadal the son of a feigning movie star wants Pia and thus the role opposite her. Murali, the charismatic drama teacher unknowingly adds salt to Baadal’s wounds by casting him as Shay’s understudy. Indignant, Baadal vows to get Shay’s part at any cost and turns to his buddy Arjun, the school Sports Captain, to help him secure the role by ousting Shay. It is a battle of wit against brawn, endurance against torture, courage against disgrace. The bullies brutally victimize Shay hoping to break him so he willingly relents his role. But Shay needs this role and will not budge, no matter what they do. Events take a sinister turn when Murali notices Shay's condition and intervenes to help him out. Now the whole school scorns upon him for being a RAT. Humiliated beyond repair Shay starts resenting Murali and begins to harbour a desire for revenge. This is the first step to his own undoing


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Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts

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