• 31 July, 2019 09:00 AM
  • Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh
  • Jonk Village, Swaragasharm, Ram Jhulla, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand 249304
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Attend Ayurveda Course in india

The nature of the course offered at our center is very elaborate and complete, which guarantees that both the theory and the practical approach are well combined. Therefore, this program guarantees that not only beginners of the program, but also those with great knowledge can increase their knowledge and competence in the application of Ayurvedic methodologies. According to Ayurveda, each individual is born with a unique and specific constitution of all the vital signs that are known as Prakriti.

This program will include simplified classes that involve the detailed study of the basic principles of Ayurveda, including hygiene, various concepts in Ayurveda and positive health. History of a writing piece Indian philosophy, Anatomy in a piece of writing The idea of ​​Tridosha, Prakriti / Constitution, Zygomatic bone or waste product and Oyster Digestion and Metabolism Ayurvedic herbology at the end of the program, a recognized a certificate will be issued.

·         31 July 2019 to 27 Aug 2019·         28 Aug 2019 to 24 Sep 2019·         25 Sep 2019 to 22 Oct 2019·         23 Oct 2019 to 19 Nov 2019·         20 Nov 2019 to 17 Dec 2019·         18 Dec 2019 to 14 Jan 2020


·         One Week Ayurveda Course: - USD $ 500·         Two Weeks Ayurveda Course: - USD $ 950·         Four Weeks Ayurveda Course: - USD $ 1800


To reserve your seat you need to pay 20% of the total fee as an advance which will be non-refundable and balance can be paid on arrival before you start your course.


Ayurveda Course in India - Four Weeks Ayurveda Course Syllabus


·         History of Ayurveda·         Basic principle of Ayurveda·         Panchmahabhoot·         Tridosha·         Sapta Dhatus·         Veerya·         Types of Diet·         Practical Implementation of Principle in Yoga, Meditation, and Diet·         Ayurvedic Human Anatomy- Sharir and Shaarir·         Introduction to Indian Vedic Culture·         Introduction of Different Types of Yoga·         Theory of Asanas·         Practical of asanas·         Different types of Ayurvedic massages·         Preparation of table·         Different positions of the clients and therapists·         Different Types of Ayurvedic Massages·         Body Massages·         Traditional Ayurvedic Massage·         Deep Tissues Massage·         Foot Massage·         Different Types of Panchakarma Techniques·         Do and Don’t in Massage·         Theory About Meditation·         Types Of Meditation·         Knowledge About Ayurveda Kitchen·         Knowledge About Herbs and Spices·         Knowledge About Utensils·         Method of Cutting Veg and Cleaning·         Method of Preparation of Ayurvedic Cuisines and Sweet Cuisines


Ayurveda Course in Rishikesh, India - Daily Schedule

·         06:30 Am To 07:00 Am (Yogic Cleansing (Shat Karmas))

·         07:00 Am To 08:00 Am (Yoga Asana)

·         08:00 Am To 08:45 Am (To Get Ready For The Day)

·         08:45 Am To 09:45 Am (Breakfast)

·         10:00 Am To 11:00 Am (Ayurveda Theory / Anatomy Theory/ Yoga Theory/ Meditation Theory)

·         11:30 Am To 12:30 Pm (Second Session Of Theory)

·         12:30 Pm To 02:00 Pm (Lunch)

·         03:00 Pm To 04:00 Pm (Meditation/Chanting)

·         04:00 Pm To 06:00 Pm (Panchakarma Theory & Practical / Hawan / Prayers / Nutritional Practical / Yoga Practical / Meditational Practical)

·         07:00 (Dinner)

Ayurveda Course in Rishikesh - Course Inclusions


·         Ayurveda theoretical class

·         Ayurveda panchakarma theoretical class

·         Ayurveda anatomy theoretical class

·         Ayurveda panchakarma practical class

·         Ayurveda nutritional theoretical class

·         Ayurveda nutritional practical class

·         Introduction to Vedic astrology and Indian

·         Hawan and prayers of Hindu methodology

·         Yoga theoretical class

·         Yoga Practical class

·         Advanced Ayurveda theoretical class

·         Meditation practical

·         Visit Haridwar

·         Visit Holy Temple

·         Certification ceremony


Airport Transfer (On Request*)

•                    New Delhi Airpot to Rishikesh School by taxi- US$ 60/4200 INR

•                    Dehradun Airpot to Rishikesh School by taxi- US$ 15/1050 INR

Refund/Transfer Policy –

All fees are non-refundable. If there is any change in schedule, at our discretion student may transfer fees from one course to another if requested at least 20 days before the start of that course.

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